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Selective sorting

At Camping Merendella we are respectful of the environment !

Selective sorting
For your waste, we have a developed area so that everyone can proceed with the proper collection of waste. We distinguish plastic, cardboard, paper from other household waste, a container adapted to each type of sorting is in our collection area.

Used batteries
A used battery collection box is located at the reception of the campsite. We invite you to drop the defective pills from your devices when necessary. We thank you for not throwing these batteries in ordinary trash cans.

Energy saving
In an energy saving approach, all our rental homes are equipped with low energy lamp lighting. The low consumption lights of some of our rental go out when you leave your mobile home. For this to your entry in the locative you will have to insert the key of this one in the small lock located on the interior wall and to turn up to the stop. At your departure, the lights will necessarily be off if you remove the key of this lock to close your mobile home during your absence.

For your comfort, some of our rental are equipped with air conditioning. This one will delight your stay. However, we remind you to close the doors and windows of your rental when the air conditioning is running, to keep fresh air inside, or to turn off when you leave.